Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The past couple of days have been so full of ups and downs, dont know if I am coming or going
but I am so grateful of my husbands understanding or this woman would have gotten the belt every
night, I do hope the doctor can get my hormones and or moods adjusted.

I am feeling bad about my attitude and think that maybe I should go to him and tell him I need an adjustment, not that I enjoy getting spanked, but sometimes it gives you a sense of inner peace when
it is all done and over with.

Think thats what I will do, after kids are down for the night I will go to him with belt in hand and ask..

Monday, August 20, 2012

Had a great weekend with my husband and our kids, we went to the zoo on Sat it was
a long day but we needed a day out, while I did get snippy a few times my attitude was
adjusted by getting "the look" and once he put his hand to his belt buckle for me that is
a sure fire way to get me to behave.
I have a dr appt on Wed, to see what going on with me think it maybe hormones or something
been very moody, snippy and cranky, while any other time I would be getting belted, the hubby
said until I go to dr he will evaluate things instead of just punishing me, which I am happy about
as I would for sure have gotten belted this past weekend.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Last night was so enjoyable after some famly night, we had a heart to heart  and he sees am I am mot really myself, and has informed me before the belt comes off he will evaluate what is going on with me prior to punishing me, I do have appt to see my dr as maybe I am going through some hormonal issues since having the baby..
He made passionate love to me after, I so love my husband and the life we share..

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Looking forward to tonight, my husband sent me a heartfelt email, about us and things in general.
I can not wait till he comes home to wrap my arms around him and tell him I love him..
I have not been my best past few weeks very moody and cranky, while he has been understanding
he did give me one hell of a starpping Tues night, since then I have reflected on my actions and behavior, and know as well as he does this is not me, it was suggested I go see my gyne as I had our daughter 4 months ago and maybe my hormones are out of whack..
My husband is understanding of these things but will not hesitate to pull of his belt if needed.
Tonight though we are going to order out and have some family time, and when the kids are down for the night I was thinking of showing him how much I really love him :) :)
The past few days have been stressful, I have been on some kind of emtional rollercoaster which earned me a very harsh punishment with the strap from hell, I got this on Tuesday night and I am still feeling it today, while he said he is sory I am still feeling the affects of it, it was was necessary.
I have been snippy, rude and hung up on him, things that did not go over very well

Most if not all of my punishment are given with either the belt he has on (nothing like chills go through you when you hear that being unbucked and pulled through the loops) or one retrieved from the closet but for this one he used the strap

OUCH - Black Leather Strap with Holes -  $32.99

this thing is 3 1/2" wide and hurts like hell.. trust me I am still feeling it.

After the kids were down for the night I was told to go to our room and wait for him, and of course that thing was already laying on the bed, when he came in he closed the door and we had our talk about my recent behavior and what I had to say for myself, then it was time bottom bared and leaning over the end of the bed the first of many whacks came down, after about 10 he allowed me to lay on the bed, as he said we were not close to done, I was trying to keep count and lost it after 30, when he was done he held me and comforted me till I regained my composure. I promised I would try and control my mouth as well my actions. he went and out the strap away and came back, I laid in his arms, still sniffling as he rubbed my very sore and beet red butt. he eventually made love to me and we feel asleep in each others arms..

I know this will not be the last belting or whipping I get, but I know when I get them they are given for a reason, and serve a purpose...

I so love my husband and would not chnage a thing about our marraige or our life together..
Hi My name is Deanna I am 33 yrs and I have been married to my husband for 4yrs
we have 2 beautiful children, and we have a Domestic Disciplene Marriage.

For those of you that do not know what that is I will tell you
First and Foremost I am not an abused wife, door mat, slave
or anything like that I am a normal loving wife that that when I
do things I know I should not I get punished, and my husbands
method of punishment is a bare bottom spanking given  mostly
with a belt..

Let me tell you all this all started
I met my husband  right before my 21st birthday, I was working the front desk of a hotel he checked into for a business trip .  We always say it was like love a first site, the minute he walked through he door our eyes met and we could not take the off each other, later that evening he called down to the front desk and asked me to join him for dinner, I was apprehensive at first, but he eased my concerns with his words and we did have dinner, he was such a gentleman.. the next day he had a meeting in one of the conference rooms and I knew that I walked past it to see if I could see him, which I did not but in my way back to the front desk he was coming towards me, he had done the same thing went looking for me, we had dinner again that night, he stayed at the hotel for 3 days we had dinner together all 3 nights, the 3rd night we had dinner in his room and again he was a gentle man we kissed and got a little touchy feelie, and he told me we would not be sleeping together unless we would be consummating our relationship, which we did, I figured after that night it was over he would be going back home and I would be here, well it did not work that way we did start a relationship for the first few months we alternated weekends, me going to his hometown or him coming to mine, eventually he asked me to move in, told me I did not have to work, he was in the position to take care of me, I jumped at it.

He was perfect, good looking, perfect gentlemen, wealthy, his own business, 3 bed room home, what more could a girl ask for right?? I was in heaven, his family accepted me, I had everything I had ever wanted. Then that day came when he asked me to marry him, I cried, I kissed him, I said YES. after a week or so after we were engaged he had this talk with me about dd, and told me how his parents live it and his brother and his wife do as well, he explained the concept to me, at first I was like you've got to be kidding people actually do that, etc... but again he assured me it would be fine, he said something like it is common sense with some additional rules, that we would be alright, but that he wants this type of marriage and was this something I would be willing to do,I thought about it and said yes, I figured a swat on the ass, or a few whacks here and there no biggie, I could handle that,  well in the beginning that's how it was, until that day came a month or so before our wedding when we were at his sisters, they were talking about one of his friends, I put my negative two sense in sarcastically and got into a verbal debate with his sister, when we got home I got my first taste of his belt, OMG it hurt, really bad, I thought what did I get myself into. we talked after-wards and he said that was a punishment spanking and explained why I got and comforted me after-wards, I asked him them would it always be like that he said it depends on what you do wrong, sometimes it may be more or maybe less..
I was full of questions at that point, what if this and what if that, time went by I figured I can do this and I did try with all my heart, but I kept falling backwards, for ever step I made forwards, I wound up taking 3 back. One day I had a long talk with his mom she gave me some advice, I worked form that point to strive and be what he wanted in a wife, we had our ups and downs prior to getting married, and the day came when I became his wife, our wedding was perfect, or at least to me it was.
Things basically remained the same there was some additional rules, but nothing I couldn't handle, Some have referred to me as being spoiled or a trophy wife, maybe I am but he has given me, are things that I have earned and deserved. I am not perfect I have a sharp tongue which still needs curbing, but when I see things that are not right I will speak up, some for which I have been punished for, I have a temper, not that I am proud of it, but his friend who is also the VP of his company (investments and real estate) his wife has gotten me in trouble in the past, at the company Christmas party one year she cornered me in the bathroom and said some very nasty things another woman was in there and when she said something like I am nothing more than whore that my husband met in a hotel so I slapped her.. that earned me my first public punishment, after the other mad took his wife out of there, my husband locked the door and belted me right there in the ladies room, I was embarrassed to say the least, and was also ashamed for what I did and how I reacted.
Since we have been married we have had our moments of good and bad mostly good, the negative side to our marriage is the influence his brother has on him on regards to dd, his brother in my eyes is abusive, his wife  was so much fun, free spirited and happy, she is now like a programmed robot, A typical day in her life starts with laying out his clothes, his breakfast, giving him a bj, getting strapped, after he leaves for work she has an unreasonable amount of chores to do, and when he returns home dinner must on the table, after he walks through the house checking her chores and punishes her for what is not done to his expectations, she wears house dresses and has no life, he has literally beaten the life out of her. I thank god my husband is not like that..
When I was pregnant with our fist child,  as bizarre as is sounds the doctor knows about our life in dd, which I think he lives that himself, he has given him direction to what is acceptable and what is not while I am pregnant.
Recently we have had some pretty bad moments but we do love each other and I believe in my heart we will be just fine.
I did ask my husband how they felt about being the HOH, he said for him it is not a control thing, he wants a wife that he can care for, lead and guide in the right direction, that will be there for him in every aspect, and to give him the respect and love he deserves, that he himself is not perfect and may make mistakes, but the end result will be a loving marriage, he will have a wife that he can love, take care of, to spoil, and unfortunately discipline when she does wrong, that his rules are not outrageous or that demanding that I will feel like some kind of slave.
All he asks of me is that I keep our home clean and have dinner on the table when he gets home from work, I do not have a list of daily chores, I have to let him know when I am going out shopping or something, I must always have my cell phone with me, I have no monetary allowances, I do have a good life with him, we just have our moments.